Large Owl Holding Candlebra (New in 2018) - Wendt & Kuhn


Product Description

Owls are regarded as symbols of wisdom and prudence. Olly Wendt was fascinated by them, and in July 1926 she designed five enigmatic owls. Three of them returned in May of 2018 true to her original designs.

Each owl in the 2018 trio is individually designed with playful details that give them their charm.

This is the large, wise looking one which carries its candlebra with care.

No other group of figurines from Wendt & Kuhn combines perfection of form and color as impressively as these owls. The intricate use of translucent paint is something unique and makes them true masterpieces of figurative craftsmanship.

This one stands 3.25" tall. Now available to pre-order for May delivery.