Angel Wearing Crown Holding Star and Gift (New In 2019) - Wendt & Kuhn


Product Description

This beautiful angel was part of the May 2019 new design release by Wendt & Kuhn and is one of the 3 heavenly angels released.

These heavenly angels wearing crowns feature blue wings, knee-length robes and blonde hair. They get their name from the golden crown that adorns their head. Olly Wendt (née Sommer), the creative designer who worked alongside Grete Wendt, had already designed these graceful yet childlike and joyful group of figurines pre-1937. After almost 80 years, this 2,5 to 3 inches-high trio are finally returning to the collection. While the first Angel creates heavenly music with its small trumpet, the second provides sustenance with a basket filled with juicy apples and delicious cookies. The third in the group has the best task of all – she carries a beautifully wrapped gift. And because the joy of anticipation is not only con-fined to Advent, we can already reveal that more Angels wearing Crowns will follow in the next few years.

Available now for pre-order. Arriving from Germany in mid-May.