German schwibbogen or sometimes called german candle arches were first handcrafted around 1726 out of wrought iron. The german term schwibbogen refers to a type of arch constructed in gothic times when an arch between two walls was called "Schwebebogen" (floating arch). The look goes back to a tradition of miners, who hung their burning pit lamps semicircularly on the pit entry hole before they started their last shift before Christmas. The german schwibbogen or candle arch expresses the longing of light by the miners during their workdays. Schwibbogens today come in different distinctive styles. Some come with candles, while others are lit by tea lights or electric candles. They are beautiful home decorations on furniture or on a window sill. We offer a wide variety of styles and price points designed and handmade by various craftsmen. Our schwibbogens are the highest in quality and come from highly reputable craftsmen such as Knuth Neuber, Müller GmbH, Günther Studios, Seiffener Hof and others. A set of starter candles is included with each schwibbogen. Please note that we offer flat rate $4.95 USPS shipping on all orders regardless of size, weight or destination.