Incense Smokers

Our german incense smokers or german smoking men are all handcrafted in the Erzgebirge region of Germany. The german incense smoker has been a symbol of the german culture since the first one was handcrafted around 1850 close to Seiffen, Germany. At that time figures from everyday life were represented. Today, that is still the case. The german artisans use their creativity by leveraging modern day professions, hobbies, cultures, events to create a wide variety of incense smokers. Some german incense smokers are standing, while others are sitting. Sometimes accessories are part of the overall presentation such as a sled, saw horses, trees, etc. The german incense smoker is used by removing the upper portion of the figure from the lower and placing an incense on the metal tray. The incense is then lit and the german incense smoker put back together. The smoke comes out of the mouth, which usually has a pipe thus creating a smoking effect. The german incense smoke provides a drifting aroma throughout the room. We offer a large selection of german incense smokers from high end german artisans and craft studios. Each studio or artisan has it's own unique style which is reflected in size, shape, finishes and colors. Each smoker comes with a starter packet of incense.