Our german candle pyramids come from the Erzgebirge region of Germany from high end studios such as Müller GmbH, Günther Studios, Seiffener Hof, Knuth Neuber Studios, Christian Ulbricht GmbH & Co and many others. The German candle pyramid is a beautiful piece of artwork, which uses the heat a candle generates to rotate a fan, which will then move delicately carved figurines and images around in a circle. The german candle pyramid has a central rod with a fan connected to the topmost end. Wind or heat is used to generate motion in the fan. This motion causes the rod to rotate and in so doing, causes movement of the figurine platforms. German candle pyramids comes in various sizes - 1 tiered, 2 tiered, 3 tiered, etc. Some of them have regular candles while many of them have tealights today. They make wonderful home decorations on a cabinet or as a table centerpiece. Starter set of candles are included. Please note the pyramids below are organized by artist.